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The Creek Craft R/C

The Creek Craft R/C

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Born in the Big Sugar, the Creek Craft is designed to be modularly upgradeable for competitive fun in the local stream, creek or river. It uses easily found 1:24 scale RC parts (such as the battery and reciever/ESC combos), a 380 sized motor and a propeller shaft kit. It is surprising fun racing these little R/C's up-stream, even before you begin the upgrades!

Largest Print Dimensions: 225mm X 105mm X 65mm

This kit includes 4 files to get you floating;

- The hull

- The rear deck / rudder mount

- The rudder

- The rudder arm

In order to complete your boat you will need the following;

- 1x 360, 380, 390 or similarly sized motor
      - (Found here or similar)

- 1x propeller + shaft
      - (The boat is designed for this specific propeller shaft only)

- Some hardware; M2, M2.5 and M3 bolts. 

  - M2x6 for holding the Servo and Rudder Mount in place.

  - M2.5x6 for holding most 380 motors in place. 

  - M3x20 for bolting the Rudder Arm to the Rudder. 

The rest of the components are up to you! We recommend the following;

- 1x 1:24 scale sized battery (like this or similar)

- 1x 1:24 ESC/Receiver Combo (like this or similar, but the one linked here may not be waterproof. We waterproof our own components before use.)

- 1x 1:24 Servo (like this or similar)

- 1x paperclip or other method of connecting your rudder arm and servo

- Preferred choice of glue. Current recommendation is E6000

We highly recommend swapping around and choosing your own components, as a large part of the fun (for us at least) is tuning the boat to get the most out of it. The components listed above are all recommendations (except for the propeller shaft, that specific part is a requirement) to get started, and will not offer the highest performance right out of the gate. We are still testing products and trying to discover the highest performance configurations. Eventually we will sell component kits with proven high-performance parts, but for now this platform is for experimentation! Have fun!

This file pack is now in Revision II with some updates to the rudder and rudder arm to improve steering response. We currently provide revision updates for free to those who have purchased prior versions. 

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The Creek Craft

Fun to build, fun to operate, fun to share!